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The Abalone Mapping Project

Illustrations of Haliotis asinina.
© All images Daniel L. Geiger, unless otherwise noted. All specimens from DLG collection now in SBMNH.

DLG AAB 01o. No Locality data. 66 mm. Typical green specimen.

Left: DLG AAB 01g. 21.5 mm. Indonesia. Bali, Sanur Beach.
Right: DLG AAB 01p. 38 mm. This specimens stems out of an aquaculture facility and shows the very untypical, concentric banding pattern. The pattern develops because of the change in feed used in the aquaculture facility. Such color anomalies are not known from free living specimens of this species, but have been observed in other (California) species (Olson, 1968 a&b).

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