Abstract of Daniel L. Geiger's papers

Molecular phylogeny and the geographic origin of Haliotidae traced by hemocyanin sequences.

Streit, K., D. L. Geiger, & B. Lieb. 2006. Journal of Molluscan Studies 72: 111-116.

Phylogenetic relationships of 12 species of the vetigastropod family Haliotidae were analysed on the basis of partial haemocyanin coding genes. Both protein-coding and genomic sequence data, of which the latter includes one ancient intron, were analysed. We were able to distinguish two genetically different monophyletic groups with high bootstrap support: (i) the abalones from Europe, South Africa, Australia, Taiwan and Japan group together and are separated from (ii) five California and two Japanese abalones. The usefulness of haemocyanin as a phylogenetic character and the origin of the Haliotidae are discussed.

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