Abstract of Daniel L. Geiger's papers

A discussion of three Fusinus species in the northern Golfo de California at San Felipe.
Herz, C. M., B. W. Meyers, J. Gemmell & D. L. Geiger. 1999. The Festivus 31: 75-84.

Three similar-looking Fusinus species, Fusinus ambustus (Gould, 1835), F. fredbakeri Lowe, 1935, and F. consagensis Poorman, 1981, reported from the San Felipe area in the northern Golfo de California, were examined and compared to other fusinid species from the region. Characters of the protoconch, the teloconch, the periostracum, the operculum and the radula were used. Fusinus ambustus can readily be distinguished from the other two species, and is not normally found in the San Felipe area. Both nominal species, F. fredbakeri and F. consagensis, occur there together, intertidally. Due to the absence of discrete differences between the two latter species, and following the results of shell morphometric analysis, we place F. consagensis in synonymy of F. fredbakeri.

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