New Book: Geiger, D.L & G.T. Poppe. 2000. Haliotidae. in Conchological Iconography. G.T. Poppe & K. Groh (eds.). Conchbooks, Hackenheim.135 pp., 83 pls.
ISBN Series: 3-925919-27-9
ISBN this volume: 3-925919-31-7
ISBN binder: 3-925919-30-9

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The Haliotidae volume in the Conchological Iconography series provides for the first time a comprehensive treatment of this commercially important family in recent history. The previous mongraphs had all been written in the 19th century (Reeve, 1846; Sowerby, 1882; Weinkauff, 1883), with Kaicher (1981) contributing a card-pack on the family.

This volume contains 36 pages of introductory information on the family including historical consideration, phylogenetic position of the family, superspecific taxa and classification with the family Haliotidae, anatomy and biology, notes on collecting, and human usage of abalone. All aspects are fully referenced with 21 pages of references. Two appendices on the taxonomic status of all species level epithets, and a breakdown of the occurrence of abalone in the ten biogeographic areas are provided.

Each species is given a standardized treatment on approximately one full page. It includes full citation of the original description, full synonymy, status and location of type material (if known) and type locality including mode of designation, list of important illustrations or those in major works, description of shell with occasional remarks on the animal, differential diagnosis to similar and sympatric species, range data supplemented with a specimen-based dot map, summary of biological knowledge, notes on fossils (if applicable), remarks, and key references for the particular species.

The species are shown on 71 plates, and further 12 plates show freak specimens, the determination tool and live specimens.

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Reviews of the Book:

Backhuys (New Books on Shells) March 2001:
"Thanks to the first author this part can be considered the best of all hitherto published iconographies. While all parts are great iconographies, this part can also be regarded as an important monograph. Apart from an extensive introduction the text gives synonyms, location of types, type localities, description of shells, distribution, biology, fossil record and literature for every (sub)species."

Patty Jansen in Australasian Shell News 110: 7 [excerpt].
" ... this volume is about 50% text and 50% plates and what is more, is compiled by the world authority on the family Haliotidae. Dan's thorough treatment of the family includes a detailed description of each species, synonyms, location of the holotype, type locality, a list of illustrations for reference, comparison with other species, a distribution map, a black and white photograph, and lots of colour photographs in the plates section. ... There is also an extensive literature list. The colour plates are of excellent quality."

Patty Jansen in Books of Nature
"Dan Geiger is the world's foremost authority on abalone. His work is done with meticulous precision, and the results speak for themselves. Contrary to previous issues of the Iconography, this issue contains a significant text portion of substance. There are detailed descriptions for each species, including information about type specimens, synonymy, rangew, habitat and the animal if known. There are 83 colour plates, illustrating all species. Not to be missed!"

Wolfgang Fischer in Club Conchylia Informationen 33(1-3): 73
excerpt: "Das Glanzstück ist das Werk Daniel Geiger's und Guido Poppes über die Haliotidae. ... Ich kann diese beiden Werke jedem Leser empfehlen. Sie sollten in keiner malakologischen Bibliothek fehlen." [The highlight is the work Daniel Geiger's and Guido Poppe's about the Haliotidae. ... I can recommend both works to every reader. They should not be missing in any malacological library.]