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The Abalone Mapping Project


Institutional collections:
AMNH, American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA.
AMRC: Alabama Malacological Research Center, Alabama, USA
AMS, Australian Museum Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
ANSP, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, USA
BMNH, British Museum of Natural History, London, Great Britain.
BMSM, Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum, Sanibel, Florida, USA.
CASIZ, California Academy of Science, Invertebrate Zoology, San Francisco, California, USA.
DMNH, Delaware Museum of Natural History, Delaware, USA.
EJFC, Ernst Joseph Fittkau Collection, Icking, Bavaria, Germany.

LACM, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, California, USA.
MHNG, Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle Genève, Switzerland.
MNHN, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France.
DMMF, Deutsches Museum für Meerskunde und Fischerei, Stralsund, Germany.
NHB, Natural History Museum Basel, Switzerland.
NM, Natal Museum, Pietermaritzburg, Republic of South Africa.
NMBE, Natural History Museum Bern, Switzerland.
NMW, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain.
SBMNH, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, California, USA.
SDMNH, San Diego Museum of Natural History, California, USA.
SMF: Senkenberg Museum, Frankfurt, a. M., Germany.
STC: Simon Taylor Collection, Witham, Essex, Great Britain.
UCMP, University of California, Berkeley: Museum of Paleontology, California, USA.
UR, Universtiy of Rostock, Germany.
USNM, United States National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D. C., USA.
ZMK, Zoological Museum, Kopehagen, Denmark.

ZSM, Zoologische Staatssammlung München, Germany.

Private collections:
BO: Buzz Owen, Gualala, California, USA.
DB: Don Baklay, American Samoa.
DLG, Daniel L. Geiger collection, Los Angeles, California, USA.
          New: Now housed in the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History:
EG: Emilio Garcia, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, collection.
EN: Eike Neuberg collection, Frankfurt, a. M., Germany.
JK, Joan Koven collection, Astrolabe Inc., Washington (D. C.)., USA.
KAS, Katherine A. Stewart collection, Carmel, California, USA.
LK, Laura Kahler collection.Hagerstown, MD, USA.
RP, Roger Pickery collection, Wilrijk, Belgium.
to top of page SBS, Solly (Benjamin) Singer collection, Rehovot, Israel.
WR, Will Ritter, Astoria, Oregon, USA.

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