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The Abalone Mapping Project

Illustrations of Haliotis t. tuberculata.
© All images Daniel L. Geiger, unless otherwise noted. All specimens from DLG collection now in SBMNH.

DLG AAB 14af. Italy Montecristo, Cala St. Maria, between rocks and on sand, 3 - 18 m, 28.VI. - 20.VII. 1988. 40 mm. Very flat form.

DLG AAB 14bl. Greece, Preveza, leg. Vanglis Tzimas, 28.IV. 1995. 41 mm. Highly lamellose form.

DLG 14 am. Erquy, Brittany, France. 93 mm. Atlantic form of H. t. tuberculata.

Left: DLG AAB 14b. Naxos, Sicily Island, Italy. In Rock canyons and open rock fields. 3-6 m. IX 1985. Appertuarl view showing variation in spire elevation.
: Spain, Balearic Islands, Menorca, Illa d'en Colom 7.-8. 1989. 11 m. DLG Archive #370.

BOC. Photograph and (c) Buzz Owen.

BOC. Photograph and (c) Buzz Owen.


Ble Limanaki bay, Rafina, Greece, 3,5-4 m . Specimen and photograph by Philippos Papanikolaou.

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