Ph.D. Thesis of Daniel L. Geiger

2000 Annual Award of the Malacological Society of London
Best Initial Contribution in Malacology


You can download my dissertation as a pdf file from this page. I give a brief description of each document and the file size.

Roman pages
These are the roman numeral pages containing the acknowledgments and table of contents. (900 kB)

Chapter 1
This is essentially a slightly updated version of the paper (Geiger, 1998: The Nautilus) covering the taxonomy of all abalone species. (2,800 kB).

Chapter 2
This is exactly the paper from Geiger & Groves (1999: Journal of Paleontology) discussing all fossil abalone records. (564 kb).

Chapter 3
This chapter is unpublished as of now and details the philosophical basis of molecular character coding in cladistic analysis (176 kB).

Chapter 4
This published chapter concerns the distribution and biogeography of all the Recent abalone (Geiger, 2000: Bollettino Malacologico) (10,500 kB).

Chapter 5
This chapter concerns the phylogenetic analysis using four data sets, and the description of the morphological character states determined in this work. A the end, a summary of the major conclusions from each chapter terminates the narrative (1,900 kB).

Literature cited
All the references of all the chapters (122 kB).

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