Invertebrate Links

The cephalopod page
The Scaphopod page including a bibliographic database with over 1200 references.
Mollia: the homepage of the MOLLUSCA listserver.
Vita Marina & Spirula Home Page
Conchnet, the web site of the Conchologists of America
American Microscopical Society Homepage: An excellent jump station for many invertebrate related sites. AMS also publishes the outstanding, quarterly Journal Invertebrate Biology. Membership & subscription is VERY affordable--students pay a mere $18/year!--and even more worth in terms of bang-for-buck.
American Malacological Society Homepage
The on-line molluscan type catalog of the United States National Museum
CHAN Sow-Yan's shells of Singapore A good number of nice shells from Singapore are illustrated.
Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum: I have a few pictures of slugs on that site: check them out.

Abalone Related Links

There are not that many links to abalone related sites, but I offer you what ever I know of. The California Department of Fish and Game has a nice site showing the distribution of the local abalone species.
A similar undertaking is underway in South Africa, but note that it is not quite completed yet, particularly the distributional list of some species. Neville Sweijd is the listowner of the ABNET, where regular postings on all kind of abalone related matters are brought forward, mostly fisheries and aquaculture related topics, however.
General site with lots of links and info
Peter Fankboner home page
Peter Hanna home page
Asian Market: for pricing
Management problems of wild populations
Play "Abalone" on the WWW
Promak (NZ): Commercial abalone feed
California Fish and Game Abalone Page
A bibliography of abalone.
Commercial raiser: US Abalone
Commercial seller: NSW Abalone
Commercial seller: Interon
Commercial seller
Commercial seller
Commercial divers: Abalony

Photography Related Links

Alpa of Switzerland
Canon, Deutschland , (German)
Canon, Schweiz , (German)
Carl Zeiss
Fuji Film , Deutschland (German)
Fuji Film , Japan
Gitzo, Italien
Gujer, Meuli & Co , Schweiz (German)
Hasselblad , Schweden
Ilford , (German)
Konica, USA
Liesegang , (German)
Leica, international
Leica Camera, (German)
Linhof GmbH
Mamiya, USA
Mamyia, Japan
Metz (Mecablitz), (German)
Minolta, Deutschland (German)
Minolta, USA
Minolta, Schweiz (German)
Minox GmbH ,  (German)
Modern Lights Trading
Nikon, Deutschland (German)
Nikon, Japan
Nikon, Schweiz (German)
Olympus USA
Olympus Europa GmbH
Pentax, Deutschland (German)
Pentax, USA
Phase One
Seitz Phototechnik
Sinar Schweiz
Sinar Bron, USA
Associations & Clubs
Deutscher Verband für Fotografie (German)
Fotografische Gesellschaft Regensburg (German)
Society for Photography (German)
Haus der Fotografie Hannover (German)
Nikkor Club Deutschland (German)
Oldenburger Photo Amateurs (German)
Swiss Professional Photographers, Basel (German)
Studio in Mannheim (German)

Special Topics
Darkroom On-Line Directory
The LOMO Homepage New Trends
Ansel Adams Biography
NASA, Images from Space
Ollis 3D-Welt (German) Homepage of a stereo photography enthousiast
Under water photography from Norway

Online Magazines:
Photographie journal home page
digit! , (German) On digital Photography
Internet Photo Magazine Japan
Nordic Camera
On-Line Photography
Photo (French)
Photo Berlin (German) Online Photomagazine from Berlin
Photo District News USA-News
Photo Presse (German) News related to photography
Photo Serve
Photo Site , (Dutch)
Photoshop , (German)

Book Preview: Jost J. Marchesi: Handbuch der Fotografie, Band 3 (German)
Bender Photographic Inc. Components for large format cameras
Bengt's Photo Page Collection of Links
Fotowand-Technik Reference cards, Test slides, Calibration software (German)
George Eastman House Museum with Gallery
Graphlex.Org Interesting facts about Graphlex and similar cameras; for collectors.
Swissartwork Introduction into the visual scene of Switzerland (German)
The Kiev Report Overview over all Russian and Ukrainian cameras

Miscellaneous Links

Page about my grandfather, Ludwig Carl Geiger (1882-1966), geophysicist at University of Göttingen, Germany, and shown on the right. Image courtesy University of Göttingen, Geophysical Institute.

The MacLibel trial homepage