Recommended Literature

The following gives a few recommended books and articles on photography:
  • Anonymous. 1987. Kodak Grey Card. Kodak Publication No. R-27. Eastman Kodak, Rochester.
    The infamous neutral grey card.

  • Anonymous. 1990. Kodak Photographic Filters Handbook. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester. 161 pp.
    If you need to know the spectral absorbtion properties of filters, you will find them here. approx. $25.

  • Anonymous. 1999a. Fujifilm Professional Data Guide 99. Fujifilm, Tokyo. 110 pp.
    [This publication can be obtained without charge from you local photoretailer, or from Fuji: 800-788-3854 X73]. The new updated Fuji website finally also features some of the technical data sheets in pdf format.

  • Anonymous. 1999b. Kodak Professional Reference Dataguide. Eastman Kodak Company. 93 pp.
    [This publication can be obtained without charge from you local photoretailer, or from Kodak: 800-242-2424] This is the hard copy version of some of the most important photographic numbers and parameters for Kodak products. The website features much more, though.

  • Constant, A. R. 1999. Close-up Photography. Focal Press, Boston. 136 pp.
    The best close-up book I have come across, unless you want to read either of Ray's tomes. Every single other one on the market is not worth the paper it is printed on. $35.

  • Hunter, F. & P. Fuqua. 1997. Light: Science & Magic, second edition. Focal Press, Boston. 344 pp.
    A nice readable introduction to photographic lighting. It is a general introduction, hence, provides the principles that can be applied to any situation. $30.

  • Jacobson, R. E., S. F. Ray & G. G.Attridge. 1988. The Manual of Photography. eighth edition. Focal Press, Boston. 394 pp.
    The title says it all. $55.

  • Johnson, C. 1999. The Practical Zone System, third edition. Focal Press, Boston. 192 pp.
    If you like the zone system, this is one of the better introductions. $30.

  • Landt, A. 1993. Lenses for 35 mm Photography. Silver Pixel Press, Rochester. 112 pp.
    A nice, a bit basic introduction on photographic lenses. What ray does with equations, Landt shows with images.

  • London, B. & J. Upton. 1998. Photography, sixth edition. Longman, New York. 399 pp.
    One of the better intro books of photography. Due to the numerous step-by-step illustrations it is easier to digest than Stroeble et al. $65.

  • Stroebel, L., J. Compton, I. Current & R. Zakia. 2000. Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, second edition. Focal Press, Boston. 410 pp.
    The slim down version of the tome below. $55.

  • Stroebel, L., J. Compton, I. Current, R. Zakia 1986. Photographic Materials and Processes. Focal Press. 585 pp.
    This book gives a good overview over photography, from film architecture to the working of the shutter. Occasionally a bit dry, but full of information. Each chapter has its own reference section. Approximately US$70.

  • Ray, S. 1994. Applied Photographic Optics. Focal Press. 586 pp.
    If you always wanted to know the differences between a linear and a circular polarization filter, or why you really should reverse a normal lens at high magnifications, then this book will read like a crime novel. Approximately US$ 80.

  • Ray, S. F. 1999. Scientific Photography and Applied Imaging. Focal Press, Boston. 559 pp.
    The definitive book on scientific appliations. Just ignore the section on photoshop which is pathetic. Surprising also the omission of NIHimage. Otherwise it is worth every single penny. $150.

  • Davies, A. & P. Fennessy. 1996. Electronic Imaging for Photographers, Second Edition. Focal Press. 153 pp. $35.
    This book provides a concise introduction to the basics of digital imaging for non-computer nerds, but for people with some photographic or traditional printing background.

  • Outdoor Photographer. Monthly magazine. The best English monthly on photography.

  • Photographie. A Swiss/German monthly magazine with the best general coverage, IMHO. But you better read German pretty fluently ....

  • Sources:
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    Focal Press

    Interesting papers:
  • Whiteley, T. E., P. B. Gilman & G. J. Kloc. 1997. New age fossil photography. American Paleontologist 5: 2-6. Comparison of silver based and digital photography in science.

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