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The Abalone Mapping Project

Below the locality data for Haliotis brazieri

is shown. Entries in red are new ones not published in Geiger (2000), entries in green are from the Australian Museum Sydney. First the specimen records are given, sorted by country/larger area in a general North-South and East-West organization. Below the specimen and range data from the literature are given. All specimens from DLG collection now in SBMNH.
The notation the locality data is as follows: (Collection-Acronyms Collection-Number: number-of-specimens). The term "complete" indicates preserved animals.


QLD: Bustard Head (AMS C.403361, 1). Caloundra (AMS C.012422, 1). Caloundra (AMS C.053262, 1). Caloundra (AMS C.073373, 1). Hervey Bay, Dundowran Beach (AMS C.073374, 1). NE of Cape Moreton (AMS C.387231, 1). Off Moreton Bay (AMS C.403360, 1).

NSW: The Entrance (AMNH 220152, 2). Solitary Isl., Coffs Harbor (SBMNH 6642, 1). Split Solitary Isl. (AMS C.149015, 1: complete; AMS C.328770, 1: complete). Broken Bay (USNM 162181, 2). Sydney, Vaucluse Point (ANSP 50231, 1; USNM 515804, 1). Sydney, Collaroy Beach (LACM 45960, 3; LACM 45964, 4). Port Jackson (DMNH 010965, 1). Port Jackson, off Shark Bay (BMNH no #, 1). Port Jackson, Bottles and Glass Rock (ANSP 50227, 1). Cronulla (LACM 45875, 2). Shellharbor (AMNH 179676, 4). Jervis Bay (SBMNH 52707, 1). Off Currarong, near Jervis Bay (AMS C.327855, 1: complete). Off Bowen Isl., Jervis Bay (AMS C.328703, 1: complete). Whale Point, Crockhaven Bight, 35 02' S 150 53' E (AMS C.328702, 1: complete). Bass Point, SE of Shell Harbour, 34 36' S 150 35 E (WAM C.328704, 1: complete). Broulee [between Batesman Bay and Moruya] (LK, 1). Shelly Beach, South Hda, Moruya (LK, 3). Angourie Point (AMS C.138888, 4). Bellinger River (AMS C.073384, 2). Bellinger River Heads (AMS C.073385, 1). Broken Bay (AMS C.017868, 5). Broulee area (AMS C.403130, 1). Broulee, S of Batemans Bay (AMS C.352666, 1). Bulli (AMS C.073377, 2). Burrill Lake, S of Ulladulla (AMS C.138885, 20). Coffs Harbour (AMS C.352704, 3). Collaroy Beach, N of Sydney (AMS C.062249, 3). Collaroy Beach, N of Sydney (AMS C.073378, 4). Collaroy Beach, N of Sydney (AMS C.104251, 17). Collaroy Beach, N of Sydney (AMS C.352684, 1). Crookhaven Beach (AMS C.402499, 8). Currarong, near Jervis Bay (AMS C.328705, 0, 2: complete). ENE of Gosford, Avoca Beach (AMS C.073379, 2). ENE of Gosford, Avoca Beach (AMS C.403319, 2). Gerringong (AMS C.138886, 3). La Perouse, Botany Bay, Sydney (AMS C.403137, 5). Long Bay, Sydney (AMS C.138890, 14). Montague Is, off Narooma (AMS C.170732, 0, 1: complete). N of Sydney, Collaroy Beach (AMS C.073317, 20). N of Wollongong, Bulli (AMS C.403134, 1). Nambucca Heads (AMS C.073383, 1). Off Bowen Is, Jervis Bay (AMS C.328703, 0, 1: complete). Off Montague Is, Narooma (AMS C.040740, 1). Old Mans Hat Point Inner North Head, Sydney (AMS C.107222, 1). Point Halliday, near Forster (AMS C.073382, 1). Point Halliday, near Forster (AMS C.352690, 5). Port Stephens, Fingal Bay (AMS C.089516, 4). Port Stephens, Fingal Bay (AMS C.352689, 1). S of Gerringong, Gerroa (AMS C.403135, 1). SE of Shellharbour, Bass Point (AMS C.328704, 0, 1: complete). Shell Harbour (AMS C.073305, 2). Shell Harbour Shellharbour (AMS C.050247, 20). Shell Harbour Shellharbour (AMS C.138884, 5). South Solitary Is, W side, off Coffs Harbour (AMS C.328701, 0, 1: complete). Split Solitary Island (AMS C.149014, 0, 1: complete). Station Creek, N of Woolgoolga (AMS C.380714, 1). Sydney, Avalon Beach (AMS C.403372, 2). Sydney, Botany Bay, Brighton le Sands (AMS C.073303, 2). Sydney, Botany Bay, Kurnell (AMS C.073386, 1). Sydney, Botany Bay, Kurnell (AMS C.352675, 19). Sydney, Botany Bay, Kurnell (AMS C.352676, 1). Sydney, Botany Bay, Kurnell (AMS C.352678, 4). Sydney, Collaroy (AMS C.403133, 1). Sydney, Long Bay (AMS C.073381, 3). Sydney, Long Bay (AMS C.403364, 5). Sydney, Manly Beach (AMS C.352681, 1). Sydney, Middle Harbour, Balmoral (AMS C.104249, 1). Sydney, Middle Harbour, Balmoral Beach (AMS C.138889, 2). Sydney, Middle Harbour, Balmoral Beach (AMS C.402498, 2). Sydney N, Collaroy, E of Long Reef (AMS C.402384, 1). Sydney N, Collaroy & Long Reef (AMS C.138891, 2). Sydney N, Collaroy, Long Reef (AMS C.352683, 6). Sydney, N of Cronulla, Boat Harbour (AMS C.073304, 5). Sydney, N of Cronulla, Boat Harbour (AMS C.109178, 2). Sydney, N of Cronulla, Boat Harbour (AMS C.109179, 1). Sydney, N of Cronulla, Boat Harbour (AMS C.109180, 4). Sydney, N of Cronulla, Boat Harbour (AMS C.109181, 1). Sydney, N of Cronulla, Boat Harbour (AMS C.403136, 12). Sydney, N side Narrabeen Beach (AMS C.108080, 1). Sydney, off S end of Manly Beach (AMS C.352682, 1). Sydney, Pittwater, Big Great Mackerel Beach (AMS C.087662, 1). Sydney, Port Jackson, Bradleys Head (AMS C.138887, 1). Sydney S, Bate Bay, Cronulla Beach (AMS C.403388, 5). Sydney S, Cronulla (AMS C.104250, 1). Sydney S, Cronulla (AMS C.403132, 8). Sydney S, Cronulla (AMS C.403382, 5). Sydney, Watsons Bay, "The Gap" near Gap Bluff (AMS C.352680, 1). Terrigal (AMS C.352686, 2). Terrigal (AMS C.352687, 1). Twofold Bay (AMS C.050013, 4). Ulladulla (AMS C.403362, 1). Whale Point, Crookhaven Bight (AMS C.328702, 0, 1: complete). Windang (AMS C.073380, 8). Woolgoolga (AMS C.352703, 1). Wooli, SE of Grafton (AMS C.352702, 1).

LITERTURE, LOCALITIES: NSW, Lake Macquarie; Port Jackson, Watson's Bay (Angas, 1871). SA, Arno Bay; QLD., Caloundra (Cotton, 1943). Port Jackson (Anon., 1975). Sydney (Wilson, 1993).

LITERATURE, RANGE: S QLD. - Jervis Bay (Wilson, 1993).