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The Abalone Mapping Project

Illustrations of Haliotis jacnensis.
Note scales from suture but not entirely reaching row of tremata with width of bare space being variable. The coloration of the shell is extremely variable .
© All images Daniel L. Geiger, unless otherwise noted. All specimens from DLG collection now in SBMNH.

RP no #. No locality. 12 mm. Dorsal and ventral.

Left: DLG AAB 45f. Indonesia, near Java, Bay of Jakarta, 1,000 Islands group. 28 mm. Dorsal view of elongated specimen.
Right: USNM 423136. Lifu. 15 mm. Dorsal with wide bare space between scales and row of tremata.

Left: DLG AAB 45e. Philippines, N. Samar. 18.65 mm. Dorsal view of round specimen.
Right: RP no #. New Britain. 20 mm. Dorsal.

NMW. New Caledonia. 22 mm.

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