Abstract of Daniel L. Geiger's papers

A new blind Anatoma species from the bathyal of the northeastern Pacific (Vetigastropoda: Anatomidae).
Geiger, D. L.
2006. Molluscan Research 28: 108-112

Anatoma janetae n. sp. from the bathyal of the northeastern Pacific is described based on two incompletely preserved specimens, one including the animal. The new species is characterised by the marked switch in teleoconch sculpture from distinct raised axial cords to fine spiral steps. The species is compared to all north Pacific species. The eyes are absent in this and several other deep-water species of distinct genera, refuting the hypothesis that the character is taxonomically informative for the distinction between Anatoma and Thieleella. The radula shows a morphology of the marginal teeth that is unique among species of Anatomidae.

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