Abstract of Daniel L. Geiger's papers

A.A.H.Lichtenstein's (1794) Catalogus rerum naturalium rarissimarum sectio secunda on mollusks: an appraisal of taxa described in an overlooked tome.
Geiger, D. L. 2003. Archives of Natural History 30: 75-84.

Anton August Heinrich Lichtenstein (1753 - 1816)was a member of a dynasty of natural scientists from Hamburg. He wrote an overlooked sales catalog of mollusks (1794) in which two new bivalve and 13 new gastropod taxa were described. The species' identities are evaluated based on the original text written in German and Latin. Only two of his new species could be positively identified. Conus vincoomnes Lichtenstein,1794 (nomen oblitum )is C.nobilis victor Broderip,1842 (nomen protectum ) and Haliotis clathrata Lichtenstein,1794 (non Reeve,1846;suppressed by ICZN Opinion 1950) is H.elegans Philippi, 1844 (placed on ICZN Official List). All the other taxa are at best only tentatively identified and their names are considered nomina dubia.

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