Abstract of Daniel L. Geiger's papers

A shell of Floribella aldrichi (Dall, 1890), a large seahare (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia: Aplysiidae) from the Neogene of the Nothern Dominican Republic.
Geiger, D. L. & P. Jung. 1996. Journal of Conchology 35: 437-444.

A single specimen of the aplysiid Floribella aldrichi from the late early to early middle Miocene Baitoa Formation of the Dominican Republic is discussed. So far this rare species is exclusively known from the early Miocene of Florida, the Panama Canal Zone, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The size of 150 mm of the specimen is the largest ever recorded for this species. The systematic position has been changed from Cephalaspidea - Philinidae to Anaspidea - Aplysiidae on the basis of unique shared conchological features of Dolabella and Floribella.

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