SLR-Photography as Applied in Science

This short reference is intended as a quick and dirty guide to some of the photographic techniques used particularly in biological sciences. It is rather physical-chemically oriented than esthetically, therefore, is putting a counter accent against many popular photography books and articles in general interest photography books.

  • Introduction
  • Basics
    • Light intensity
    • Color of light
    • Film speed: ISO, ASA, DIN
    • Films: B&W, color, professional, storage
    • Error of reciprocity
    • Shutter speed
    • Focus and depth of field
  • Underwater photography
    • Range of equipment
    • Water as a medium to photograph in
  • Presentation slides
    • Paper originals
    • Slide duplicating
    • Blue slides
    • Computer files as originals
    • 3D objects, shiny objects
    • Photography through glass and water
    • Neat Tricks
    • Processing and mounting slides
  • Pseudo TTL flash technique
  • Recommended literature