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The Abalone Mapping Project



The following species can be found in Indo-Malayan area : click on the species name to view the map.

  • asinina S-most Japan to Sydney, Andaman Isl. to New Caledonia
  • clathrata East Africa to American Samoa, S Japan to Sydney
  • dissona Queensland, New Caledonia, Tonga
  • diversicolor Southern Japan, China, Taiwan, Bali
  • dohrniana Indo-Malayan Archipelago to west Central Pacific.
  • exigua S Japan (Okinawa)
  • fatui Solomon Isl. Micronesia
  • glabra Philippines, Maluku, Lesser Sunda Isl.
  • jacnensis S-most Japan (S of Amami Isl.), Philippines, New Caledonia, Marianas, Micronesia
  • ovina Maldives to Tuamotus, SW Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Queensland to Western Australia
  • planata Southern Japan, Philippines to Fiji, Northern Territories
  • squamata Central W Western Australia to Northern Territories, Indonesia
  • thailandis Indo-Malayan Archipelago, GBR
  • varia Sri Lanka to Tonga, S Japan, Philippines, central W Western Australia to Sydney

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