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New taxa described by D. L. Geiger

Taxon (97 species, 8 genera, 1 family) Citation

strombeulima, Severnsia

[Gastropoda: Eulimidae]

Geiger, D. L. 2016. Severnsia strombeulima n. gen. & sp. from Hawaii (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Caenogastrpoda: Eulimidae) Zootaxa 4084: 587–589.

espiritosantense, Anatoma
campense, Anatoma
brychia, Anatoma
copiosa, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

Pimenta, A. D. & D. L. Geiger. 2015. Taxonomic revision of the Anatomidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda) from Brazil, with description of four new species. Malacologia 59: 135–175.

guzmani, Cornisepta

[Gastropoda: Fissurellidae]

Araya, J.-F. & Geiger, D. L. 2013. Cornisepta guzmani new species: first species of genus confirmed from Pacific cold seep environments off central Chile (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Fissurellidae). The Nautilus 127: 115–118.

New taxon 100

phenax, Scissurella
skeneoides, Scissurella
xandaros, Scissurella
brucei, Sinezona
calumnior, Sinezona
chilensis, Sinezona
marrowi, Sinezona
norfolkensis, Sinezona
goudi, Satondella

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae]

biconica, Anatoma
breveprima, Anatoma
globulus, Anatama
hyposculpta, Anatoma
janusa, Anatoma
micalii, Anatoma
orbiculata, Anatoma
planapex, Anatoma
porcellana, Anatoma
quadraxialis, Anatoma
rhynchodentata, Anatoma
sinuosa, Anatoma
zancliformis, Anatoma
muelleri, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

lamellinodosa, Trogloconcha

[Gastropoda: Larocheidae]

Geiger, D. L. 2012. Monograph of the Little Slit Shells. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. 1291 pp., 11 cards.

regalis, Scissurella
mechanica, Sinezona
platyspira, Sinezona
enigmatica, Sinezona
wanganellica, Sinezona
azonata, Satondella
bicristata, Satondella

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae]

amydra, Anatoma
kopua, Anatoma
megascutula, Anatoma
tangaroa, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

spirata, Larochea
macrostoma, Larocheopsis

[Gastropoda: Larocheidae]

Geiger, D. L. & B. A. Marshall. 2012. New species of Scissurellidae, Anatomidae, and Larocheidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda) from New Zealand and beyond. Zootaxa 3344: 1–33. pdf OPEN ACCESS

schioettei, Anatoma
schanderi, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

Høisaeter, T. & D. L. Geiger. 2011. Species of Anatoma (Gastropoda: Anatomidae) in Norwegian and adjacent waters, with the description of two new species. The Nautilus 125: 89–112.

emilioi, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

Geiger, D. L. 2011. Anatoma emilioi, a new species of Anatomidae McLean, 1989 from the Hawaiian Islands. In: Severns, M. (ed.) Shells of the Hawaiian Islands: The Sea Shells: pp. 534–535. ConchBooks, Hackenheim.

cachoi, Satondella
dantarti, Satondella

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae]

Luque, A., D. L. Geiger & E. Rolán. A. revison of the genus Satondella Bandel, 1998 (Gastropoda, Scissurellidae). Molluscan Research 31: 1–14.

fujikurai, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

Sasaki, T., Geiger, D. L., & Okutani, T. (2010). A new species of Anatoma (Vetigastropoda: Anatomidae) from a hydrothermal vent in Myojin Knoll, Japan. The Veliger 51: 63–75.

kayae, Sinezona
hawaiiensis, Sinezona
carolarum, Sinezona
demisispira, Coronadoa
alternatisculpta, Anatoma
plicatazona, Anatoma
peruviana, Thieleella
bathypacifica, Thieleella

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae, Anatomidae]

Geiger, D. L. & J. H. McLean. 2010. New species and records of Scissurellidae and Anatomidae from the Americas (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda). Zootaxa 2356: 1–35. Abstract

rolani, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae, Anatomidae]

Geiger, D. L. & R. Fernández-Garcés. 2010. Anatoma rolani n. sp. and new records of rare Caribbean Anatoma species (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Anatomidae). Zootaxa 2488: 65–68.

axiosculpta, Depressizona

[Gastropopoda: Vetigastropoda: Depressizonidae]

Geiger, D. L. 2009. A new species of Depressizona and the family rank of Depressizonidae. Zootaxa 2095: 57–59. pdf OPEN ACCESS

costulata, Sinezona
milleri, Sinezona
parageia, Anatoma
hasegawai, Coronadoa

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae, Anatomidae]

Geiger, D. L. & T. Sasaki. (2009). New Scissurellidae and Anatomidae from Manazuru, Sagami Bay, Japan (Mollusca, Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda). Molluscan Research 29: 1–19. Abstract | pdf OPEN ACCESS.

danieldreieri, Sinezona
wileyi, Sinezona
rapaensis, Anatoma
lozoueti, Trogloconcha

Geiger, D. L. 2008. New species of scissurellids from the Austral Islands, French Polynesia, and the Indo-Malayan Archipelago (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Scissurellidae, Anatomidae, Larocheidae). The Nautilus 122: 185–200. Abstract

boucheti, Anatoma
herberti, Anatoma
flexidentata, Anatoma
austrolissa, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

Geiger, D. L. & T. Sasaki. (2008). Four new species of Anatomidae (Mollusca: Vetigastropoda) from the Indian Ocean (Reunion, Mayotte) and Australia, with notes on a novel radular type for the family. In: Geiger, D. L. & B. Ruthensteiner (Editors). Micromolluscs: Methodological Challenges - Exciting Results. Zoosymposia 1: 247–264. Abstract | pdf OPEN ACCESS

weddelliana, Thieleella
argentinae, Thieleella
malvinarum, Scissurella

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae, Scissurellidae]

Zelaya, D. G. & D. L. Geiger. 2007. Species of Scissurellidae and Anatomidae from Sub-Antarctic and Antarctic waters (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda). Malacologia 49: 393–443. Abstract

carnica, Triassurella

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae]

Nützel, A. & D. L. Geiger. 2006. A new scissurelloid genus and species (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from the Late Triassic Cassian Formation. Paläontologische Zeitschrift 80: 277–283. Abstract

janetae, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

Geiger, D. L. 2006. A new blind Anatoma species from the bathyal of the northeastern Pacific (Vetigastropoda: Anatomidae). Molluscan Research 28: 108–112. Abstract

elegantissima, Sasakiconcha

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae?]

Geiger, D. L. 2006. Sasakiconcha elegantissima new genus and species (Vetigastropoda: Anatomidae?) with disjointly coiled base. The Nautilus 120: 45–51. Abstract

kaiserae, Scissurella
lorenzi, Scissurella
maraisorum, Scissurella
garciai, Sinezona
globosa, Sinezona
macleani, Sinezona
singeri, Sinezona
jansenae, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae, Anatomidae]

Geiger, D. L. 2006. Eight new species of Scissurellidae and Anatomidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda) from around the world, with discussion of two new senior synonyms. Zootaxa 1128: 1–33. Abstract

auriformis, Incisura
quadrata, Scisurella
spinosa, Scissurella

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae]

Geiger, D. L. & P. Jansen. 2004b. New species of Australian Scissurellidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda) with remarks on Australian and Indo-Malayan species. Zootaxa 714: 1–72. Abstract

funiculata, Anatoma
tobeyoides, Anatoma

[Gastropoda: Anatomidae]

Geiger, D. L. & P. Jansen. 2004a. Revision of the Australian species of Anatomidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda). Zootaxa 414: 1–35. Abstract

rainesi, Anatoma
senni, Satondella
zimmeri, Sinezona
alto, Scissurella
christinae, Trogloconcha
exorum, Depressizona

[Gastropoda: Scissurellidae]

Geiger, D. L. 2003. Phylogenetic assessment of characters proposed for the generic classification of Recent Scissurellidae (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda) with description of one new genus and six new species from Easter Island and Australia. Molluscan Research 23: 21–83. Abstract

korkosi, Clanculus

[Gastropoda: Trochidae]

Singer, B. S., H. K. Mienis & D. L. Geiger. 2000. Clanculus korkosi sp. nov. from the Red Sea (Gastropoda, Vetigastropoda, Trochidae). La Conchiglia 32(294-296): 32–38.

haliotidis, Orthotheres

[Brachyura: Pinnotheridae]

Geiger, D. L. & J. W. Martin. 1999. The pea crab Orthotheres haliotidis new species (Decapoda: Brachyura: Pinnotheridae) in the Australian abalone Haliotis asinina Linnaeus, 1758 and H. squamata Reeve, 1846 (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Haliotidae). Bulletin of Marine Science 64: 269–280. Abstract

fatui, Haliotis

[Gastropoda: Haliotidae]

Geiger, D. L. 1999. Description of Haliotis fatui new species, from the tropical western Pacific region. The Nautilus 113: 73–77. Abstract

depressa, Clathrosepta
becki, Clathrosepta
levinae, Cornisepta
verenae, Cornisepta
hessleri, Manganesepta

[Gastropoda: Fissurellidae]

McLean, J. H. & D. L. Geiger. 1998. New genera and species having the Fissurisepta shell form, with a generic level phylogenetic analysis (Gastropoda: Fissurellidae). Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Science Series 475: 1–32. Abstract
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Dendrochilum geigeri Cootes, Cabactulan, Pimentel & M.D. De Leon, 2017.
Cootes, J. M. D. De Leon, D. Cabactulan & R. Pimentel. 2017. Eight new orchid species from Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines. OrchideenJournal 5(1): 1–15.
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Pseudopusula geigeri Fehse & Grego, 2014 Fehse, D. & J. Grego. 2014. Revision of the Genus Pusula. Privately published. 144 pp.

Zeidora geigeri Helwerda & Wesselingh, 2014
[Gastropoda: Fissurellidae]

Helwerda, R. A. & F. P. Wesselingh. 2014. Revision of Scissurellidae, Anatomidae and Fissurellidae (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda) from the Plio-Pleistocene of the Philippines. Zootaxa 3838(2): 183–194.

Haliotis geigeri Owen, 2014
[Gastropoda: Haliotidae]

Owen, B. 2014. A new species of Haliotis (Gastropoda) from São Tomé & Príncipe Islands, Gulf of Guinea, with comparisons to other Haliotis found in the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. Zootaxa 3838: 113–119. pdf

Axinulus thackergeigeri
[Bivalvia: Thysaridae]

Valentich-Scott & Coan in Coan, E. V. & P. Valentich-Scott. 2012. Bivalve Seashells of Tropical West America. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Caecum geigeri
[Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Caecidae]

Pizzini & B. Raines. The Caecidae from French Polynesia with description of eight new species (Caenogastropoda: Rossooidea). Bolletino Malacologico 47: 23–46.

Satondella danieli
[Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Scissurellidae]

Segers, W., F. Swinnen & A. Abreu. 2009. Satondella danieli, a new species of Scissurellidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Prosobranchia) from the Archipelago of Madeira (NE Atlantic Ocean). Bocagiana 225: 1–6.

Scabricola geiger[Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Mitridae]

Poppe, G. T., S. Tagaro & Salisbury. 2009. New species of Mitridae and Costellariidae from the Philippines. Visaya Supplement 4: 1–86.

Cosmioconcha geigeri
[Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Columbellidae]

Garcia, E. F. 2006. Six new species of mollusks (Gastropoda: Cerithioidea, Buccinoidea, Muricoidea) from Bahía de Campeche, southwestern Gulf of Mexico. Novapex 7: 77–89.

Condylocardia geigeri
[Bivalvia, Condylocardiidae]

Coan, E. V. 2003. The tropical eastern pacific species of the Condylocardiidae (Bivalvia). The Nautilus 117: 47–61.