Publications, Daniel L. Geiger
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Published Photographs
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  • Images exhibited at Smithsonian Institution "Orchids: Interlocking Science and Beauty" from January 24 to April 26, 2015.Serious Photographer
  • Images exhibited at Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Maximus Gallery"Science and Beauty: the Orchid Evolves" in 2014.
  • Light and SEM images for Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra multimedia program "J.S. Bach: The Circle of Creation". Review.
  • Selected "Serious photographer" by PhotoTechniques magazine. Pdf
  • Light & Smith Manual, 2007, University of California Press. Phoronis californiensis, p. 862 (R. Zimmer: Phoronida).
  • Cover Zootaxa 682[hard-cover edition] (Turricula tornata). Tucker, J. K. 2004. Catalog of Recent and fossil turrids (Mollusca: Gastropoda) Zootaxa 682: 1-1295.
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Children's card pack (Okenia elegans).
  • Interpretitive panel on Rye Patch Reservoir, Nevada, Nevada State Parks (Sceloporus occidentalis).
  • Ctenogobiops feroculus and Alpheus djeddensis in Thompson, A. R. 2004: Habitat and mutualism affect the distrubiton of abundace of a shrimp-associated goby. Mar. Freshw. Res. 55: 105-113.
  • Garland, P. 2003. Agir & explorer. Artis, Brussels. (Haliotis tuberculata: accidentially reversed image)
  • National Aquarium, Washington, DC (11 images of amphibians and fishes)
  • ARKive endanged species site (Cirripathes sp., Tubipora musica)
  • Nature 417: 319 (Aplysia californica).
  • Educational CD-ROM, Thinkwell Publications [various organisms].
  • Exhibition catalog "Pearls": American Museum of Natural History [Haliotis tubeculata].
  • Laborjournal 10/2000 [Aplysia punctata].
  • 2000. Leighton, D. Abalone Biology and Culture. [Scanning Electron Micrographs of abalone radulas].
  • 2000: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Earth Odyssey van [various organisms].
  • Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum [various seaslugs].
  • Erwin Köhler's Medslug site. [115 images: 10/2002, various seaslugs].
  • 1998. Greenpeace Seachange site [no longer available].
  • Geiger, D. L. 2000. Distribution and biogeography of abalone (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda) world-wide. Bollettino Malacologico 35: 57-120.
  • 1998. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Marine Hall: Wall on diversity of marine invertebrate phyla [most pictures, various invertebrates].
  • 1997. Promotional CD-ROM of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. [all molluscs and many worms]
  • Bakus, G. 1996. CD-ROM on Natural History of Southern California. University of Southern California. [Various vertebrates].
  • Bakus, G. 1996. CD-ROM on Ecology. University of Southern California.[Velella velella]
  • Geiger, D. 1993. Hinterkiemerschnecken bestimmen leicht gemacht. Club Conchylia Informationen 25(2): 127-145. [Various Opisthobranchia, Lamellaria latens].
  • Geiger, D. 1992. Zu den Bestimmungen der schalenlosen Opisthobranchia in Poppe und Goto (1991): Flabellina affinis (pl. 40 fig. 5) ist Coryphella pedata. Club Conchylia Informationen 25(1): 87-93. [Flabellina affinis, Coryphella pedata].
  • Geiger, D. 1991. Einige Aspekte über die Biologie von Haliotis. Club Conchylia Informationen 23(1-2): 87-108. [Haliotis tuberculata],
  • Cover of Argonauta 6(1-6) [Octopus macropus]